Cicero Pool & Spa carries a full line of Pool Logic® products. Pool Logic® is dedicated to bringing pool owners the most effective and advanced pool care products that are easy to use, decreasing time spent on pool maintenance. Pool Logic® is the clear choice for all your pool care needs.




Solution 30

A non-foaming, polyquat algaecide that kills and prevents mustard / yellow, green and black algae and prevents further algae colonies. Solution 30 should be used on a regular basis.


Solution 60

A non-foaming algaecide that kills and prevents mustard / yellow, green and black algae and clarifies pool water all in one step. 





Sometimes referred to as a conditioner, this 100% cyanuric acid-chlorine stabilizer prolongs the effective life of chlorine by reducing the loss caused by the sun.


pH Up

Increase your pH levels and maximize the effectiveness of your sanitizers with pH Up. This convenient product will help to reduce eye irritation and prolong the life of your equipment. 


pH Down 

Bring down the pH levels to maximize the effectiveness of your sanitizers. This product also helps to prevent staining and scale buildup. pH Down is easier to use and handle than muratic acid.


Alkalinity Up

Designed to increase the water's total alkalinity to help prevent pH bounce (fluctuating levels). 


Calcium Increaser

Apply to pool water to increase water hardness and prevent foaming and equipment corrosion. 




This granular calcium hypochlorite kills bacteria, destroys organic contaminants and controls algae. It contains 65% available chlorine.


This non-chlorine shock also works as a clarifier. The powerful formula brightens water while it removes contaminants that cause cloudy water, odors and skin and eye irritation. Safe to swim 15 minutes after use.

Super Shockwave

This quick dissolving granular calcium hypochlorite kills bacteria, destroys organic contaminants and controls algae. The Super ShockWave, however, contains 70% available chlorine.



Chlorine 3" Tablets

Delivers the sanitizing power of 90% available chlorine. It is a potent protector for pools in full sunlight as the built in chlorine stabilizers work with the high-powered chlorine to maintain proper water chemical levels. The 3-inch tablets can be used in chlorine feeders, floaters and skimmers. 

Chlorine Granular

Granular Dichlor is ideal for daily chlorination. It provides 56% available chlorine.

Chlorine Sticks

Available in an 8 ounce size, these sticks are suited to floaters, feeders and chlorinators. They contain 90% available stabilized chlorine.

Chlorine 1" Tablets

With chlorine and built in chlorine stabilizers, the 1-inch chlorinating tablets make proper chlorine level maintenance a breeze. The 1-inch tablets are well-suited for most automatic feeders and floaters.

Bromine Tablets

Bromine offers an effective and reliable alternative to chlorine sanitization. With a wider pH range than the chlorine version, brominating tablets are a popular choice for indoor pools and spas. Bromine tablets must be fed into a pool through a brominator. 




A fast-acting polymer that allows pool filters to remove even the smallest particles from pool water for a sparkling, bright appearance.

Clean Sweep Floc

A flocculent that drops suspended debris such as dead algae to the bottom of the pool for easy vacuum removal. The special non-alum formula aids in the clearing of cloudy water.

Stain Guard

Keep metals and minerals from creating discolored water and stains or scale with Stain Guard. Add the easy to pour liquid formula during pool opening and closing, as well as once a week throughout the pool season to prevent staining and scaling.

Filter Rejuvenator

Removes dirt, scale, oils and grease from filters.